Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to recognize someone special as you support MissionWings’ work and mission. Whether you want to honor a friend or family member or pay tribute to one who has passed on, a tribute gift expresses your appreciation while also helping to spread the Gospel around the world.

You can make a tribute gift to MissionWings online or by mail. Visit our giving page to make your gift.


Memorial Gifts

Tina Simmons
In memory of Samuel H Simmons
Fulton and Ruby Simmons
In memory of Samuel H Simmons
Maureen Booth
In memory of Dale R Booth

Coronavirus Relief Effort

MissionWings is raising money to purchase food for the poorest in Honduras effected by the Coronavirus epidemic. $5.00 will feed a family for a day. In each package of food gifted, we are including the Gospel Message and an encouragement that Jesus cares for them during this time. Thank you for your giving!

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