Construction: build a hanger

This hanger will be a building that will serve a variety of purposes. First it will provide a safe place to park the airplane when it is not in use […]


Medical Flights
Humanitarian Services
Disaster Relief
Missionary Flights

There are a multiple of ways we can bring the love of God to others.

The four primary services we plan to offer are:
  • Medical Flights
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Disaster Relief
  • Missionary Flights
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It is sometimes hard to find the time or motivation to help charities, it is so amazing if can help charities without leaving home.

501c3 Status Update

Exciting things have be happening with MissionWings. I can’t say it has all been easy and without trials. There has been discouragement, questions and times of feeling like giving up, but in the end we feel God’s blessing and see the progress He has brought us through. On September 7th […]

501c3 Approved

MissionWings has great news! We have received our determination letter approving us as a 501c3 tax exempt organization. This has been a long process that has taken nearly a year. What does this mean? We do not pay income tax and donors can now take tax deductions on their giving […]


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Coronavirus Relief Effort

MissionWings is raising money to purchase food for the poorest in Honduras effected by the Coronavirus epidemic. $5.00 will feed a family for a day. In each package of food gifted, we are including the Gospel Message and an encouragement that Jesus cares for them during this time. Thank you for your giving!

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